Data Processing

Data File Input options:

Data Only files—DataProse will read your raw from your CIS/billing system and import it into our database for processing. We accept all common formats, XML, delimited (comma, quote, pipe, etc.) and fixed length file formats. XML is preferred; not only is XML easy to develop with, it is flexible and lends itself well to web development and Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP). Our developers will adapt to any file format you use instead of asking you to conform to a data template.

PDF Only Files—This innovative solution combines client print files with DataProse’s data import and processing abilities. This solution is great option if you are satisfied with your current PDF bill format and you just need DataProse’s output platform for postal verification and printing.

Print Image Files—DataProse can also accept preformatted Print Image Files, this hybrid solution combines client formatted files with our data processing and print platform. You are no longer limited to laser printing on forms. Our systems will import your file and output them onto a similar format with cleansed addresses and postal information or we can parse out the information into new data fields and create an entirely new application for you.


DataProse is a secure data and mail processing facility with zoned access, security cameras and intrusion alarms. Only approved background checked employees handle sensitive data and materials. The building is locked at all times with access controlled by key cards. All visitors are required to sign-in, wear a visitor badge and be escorted by a DataProse employee.

Critical data is never sent over unsecure channels or posted on public access servers. All data is required to be uploaded to our secure online system or posted to a secure FTP server.

DataProse monitors the effectiveness of its security model through active network monitoring and auditing. Third-Party consolidated log monitoring services are utilized to identify activity anomalies. Events are derived from multiple areas to including incorporating hosts, network topology (IDS, IPS, firewall, router, switches), OS and Applications. DataProse also leverages an industry leading virus defense suite to manage systems and control virus outbreaks. A combination of protection and monitoring is performed to all local servers, workstations, and email systems.

Annual SSAE16 and PCI Assessments are performed by DataProse’s Internal Audit group and third-party assessors. As part of the PCI/DSS requirement DataProse has enlisted the services of a qualified third-party security auditor to perform both the annual security process assessment and quarterly internal and external network scans and of DataProse’s network.

DataProse has an Incident Management Policy that is used to manage any IT incident no matter how it is reported. Technical teams are organized to evaluate and communicate remediation needs. The Security Team provides an Incident report that is communicated up through the IT organization detailing timelines, business and customer impact, risk, solution/remediation efforts, and security recommendations.