Disaster Recovery

DataProse understands the importance of business continuity and has evolved with the needs and expectations of our clients. DataProse’s disaster recovery program is designed to eliminate the risks that can potentially threaten service. DataProse uses a multifaceted approach to disaster recovery.

  • All production facilities operate under capacity: this ensures that equipment failures and spikes in volume will be handled without issue.
  • Print, Mail and eServices platforms are hosted locally and offsite
  • Nightly data backups to offsite data center
  • All employees are highly cross-trained to serve multiple functions
  • Strategic partnerships with outside print and mail vendors: this ensure service even if all DataProse production facilities are not able to function

Hundreds of clients depend on our platforms and staff to provide business critical services without interruption. We place great importance on maintaining and testing a successful disaster recovery program. We are confident that the necessary measures are in place to recover from a range of operational disruptions.