Document Factory

In today’s high-volume print and mail production environments it’s all about ease of use, efficiency, and 100% mail piece validation. DataProse operates a completely automated print and mail platform we call the Document Factory. The DataProse Document factory is not just the name for our production area it’s also our process. It represents all of our years of industry experience, innovation, standardization, responsive service and stringent quality control standards.

DPauto/Connect, the automated document Factory’s comprehensive web-enabled control portal, lets you monitor your statement/document project in real time, 24-7. You can upload data, add special messages to your documents, control insert distribution and track jobs.

Upon the receipt of your data, the Automated Document Factory process will automatically begin:

Document Factory Process

Document Factory Print & Mail Features

  • Laser printing of documents in grayscale, spot color, or full color
  • Camera technology for 100% mail piece validation.
  • Certified USPS Detached Mail Units (DMUs)
  • High Speed Intelligent Insertion: Inserts and special flyers can be selectively inserted to target specific customers
  • Quick turn-around of document folding, inserting, presorting, and delivery to the USPS
  • Optional exception processing lets you route specific bills into a separate batch by business rules or data flags
  • Householding (combining) of documents by account number or mailing address